Cameos and Intaglios : The Art of Engraved Stones


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This book is designed for the exhibition of the collection of Mr. Guy Ladriere, which will be presented by the School of Jewelery Arts from 12 May to the 1 October 2022, under the commission of Mr. Philippe Malgouyres, chief curator of heritage in the art department of the Louvre.

Widely illustrated and documented, this book will constitute a genuine introductory manual to the art of glyptics, thanks to its chrono-thematic approach to the history of engraved stones in the West.

The author reveals a whole world in miniature, fascinating kings and emperors as much as collectors and art lovers. With materials with subtle engraved effects, cameos (relief engraving) and intaglios (intaglio engraving) have come down to us as jewels or relics, thus following all the themes of the History of Art: mythologies, symbols, portraits, allegories, etc.


  •  150 x 200 x 12.7mm | 266g