Be. More. BrewDog.

Yayınevi: Ebury Press

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Rip up the rule book the BrewDog way!

Iconic, controversial, and hugely colourful, BrewDog has never done business the way other companies do. This snappy staff manual, written by co-founder James Watt, reveals how it thinks, works and makes some of the best loved craft beers in the world like Punk IPA and Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

Founded by two men and a dog, its groundbreaking business model - crowdfunded by 'Equity Punks' - has attracted admiring glances from many established and aspiring entrepreneurs. Over 10 years on, it is still anarchic, radical and ever successful, with an ever-growing global presence.

This book lays its soul bare, revealing its mission to create a whole new type of business, spread the passion for great craft beer and 'turn the global beer scene on its head'. With chapters covering their BrewDog Charter, Dogmas, Journey and Signature Benefits, the unconventional, unexpected and innovative world of BrewDog gives advice for holding fast, gripping the wheel and driving like you [expletive removed] stole it!