Yayınevi: Tate Publishing

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Following Tate's recent Winter (2019) publication, this new selection of works examines of the most beautiful, transformative and amusing expressions of the autumn season drawn from Tate's collection. Divided into key themes - 'Fields of Gold', 'A Bountiful Harvest', 'Leisure', 'Symbolism', 'Bump in the Night' and 'Abstraction' - this little book considers how the traditional season of harvest and falling leaves has influenced artists over centuries.
Works of art - including paintings, drawings, sculptures,
illustrations and installations - are punctuated by brief captions adding background detail or additional information about the art, artists and their subjects. Featured artists include: Barbara Hepworth, Salvador Dali, Peter Brook, Jeff Wall, Vanessa Bell, Stanley Spencer, Winifred Nicholson, John SInger Sargent, Eileen Agar and Edward Burra.
Sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, often beautiful and occasionally telling, placed together these beautiful images create a fascinating and enlightening journey through the visual portrayal of autumn in Western art.


  •  140 x 173 x 15.24mm | 317.51g