Anxiously Attached : Becoming More Secure in Life and Love

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'So important for anyone who is struggling with their relationships. A brilliant book' Chloe Brotheridge, author of The Anxiety Solution

'Lucid and helpful' Sunday Times


Do you constantly talk with your friends about your partner and your relationship? If your partner doesn't answer a text quickly, do you become anxious? Or do you check up on your partner online to know about their every move?

If so, you might identify with having an anxious attachment style and find yourself more prone to insecurity, jealousy and codependency. But there is plenty you can do to feel stronger and more secure within yourself and improve the quality of your relationships.

Expert psychotherapist and couples' counsellor Jessica Baum has over ten years' experience helping her clients discover the mutually supportive relationships they deserve. In Anxiously Attached, she shares the groundbreaking research and practical tools you need to understand your core attachment patterns and form healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

In this book you will learn how to:
- Create boundaries to protect your sense of self in relationships
- Communicate to your partners what you need to feel safe and secure in the relationship
- Develop a strong sense of self-worth and emotional stability

Full of psychological insight, useful exercises and real-life case studies of people who learned how to connect on a deeper and more secure level, Anxiously Attached is an essential roadmap to finding and sustaining love.


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