Andy Warhol

Yayınevi: Tate Publishing

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An indispensable introduction to one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Part of the pioneering Tate Introductions series

Andy Warhol's work reflected and commented on contemporary themes in American society: consumerism; celebrity; mass production; disaster and death. To capture these ideas he used a wide range of iconic images: Coca Cola; Marilyn Monroe; Elvis Presley; the electric chair; the crashed car; the race riot; and the atomic bomb. His openness to subject matter was matched by a willingness to explore all media, resulting in his innovative approach to painting, photography, drawing and printmaking, and his influential activity as an experimental filmmaker. This book, now beautifully reissued, offers an unmissable portrait of the work and life of Andy Warhol.

Stephanie Straine is curator of exhibitions and projects at Modern Art Oxford and has previously worked at Tate Liverpool and the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. She publishes widely on modern and contemporary art.


  •  168 x 210 x 7mm | 238g