111 Places in Mallorca That You Shouldn't Miss

Yayınevi: Emons Verlag GmbH

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Why do fish gasp for breath in Palma Cathedral? Why is there a house hanging over the cliffs? And why is there a theatre deep underground? Did you know that you are very close to heaven in Santanyi, that you can meet very strong Mallorcan women in Arta and that you can finally find the fountain of health in Campanet? Would you like to be a guest of the Archduke, chug through the jungle landscape by tram, or visit a church that's upside down?

This book guides even Mallorca connoisseurs to places that will amaze them. And it tells stories that hardly anyone has ever heard. You think you already know everything and then this picturesque island, and then you find it's full of big and small surprises - 111 times!


  •  135 x 205 x 22.86mm | 476g