1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists

Yayınevi: Chartwell Books

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Brimming with visual inspiration and sage advice, this stunning book introduces 100 manga artists, who share their work, their influences, and practical tips in words and images.

There are dozens of books that can teach you how to draw manga, and just as many that talk about manga and its origins--1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists is the only book that treats manga as a philosophy to be explored. In its pages, 100 manga "philosophers"--artists, cartoonists, and illustrators who have been influenced by manga--are asked 20 questions about their work, career, and relationship with manga. Each artists chooses 10 questions to answer in both words and pictures.

Along with an abundance of illustrations, sketches, and photographs, find a limitless range of artistic styles, hidden humor, irony, and wisdom in replies to questions like: Where do the ideas for your drawings come from? How do you do your research?How do you make your drawings come to life?Who are your favorite illustrators? Are you trying to follow in their footsteps?What good habits should a comic illustrator have?Manga: Is it art?What advice would you give to a novice illustrator?Whether you are a beginning manga artist looking for guidance, an established illustrator looking for new inspiration, or a manga fan who wants to learn about the craft and its artists, 1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists offers a rich resource.


  •  235 x 235 x 20.07mm | 1,040g