The Cocktail Edit

Yayınevi: Quadrille Publishing

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Make All the Drinks that Matter

Hot Dinners Best Cookbooks of 2022

"Beautiful... a classy, classic book." – Diana Henry

"A really lovely and well thought out piece of work that will be well used." – Dave Broom, author of The Way of Whisky

"We don’t have the cupboard full of recondite bitters and liqueurs that so many mixologists expect of us. So Alice Lascelles has tackled the problem straight-on and produced a neat edit of more than 100 drinks that rely on just a few core ingredients." – Tony Turnbull, The Times

Cocktails should be simple. Acclaimed drinks writer Alice Lascelles knows everything there is to know about making delicious drinks at home with minimal equipment and fuss.

The Cocktail Edit is built around a ‘capsule collection’ of 12 classic cocktails – each of these is followed by six twists, plus tips and inspiration for creating many more. The book also offers essential advice on getting your home bar set up – and shows how easy it is to make amazing cocktails with just a few basic tools, ingredients and techniques.

It’s a guide brimming with trade secrets on everything from choosing the best-value spirits to making cocktails for a party; written in a conversational style, and illustrated with beautiful photography, The Cocktail Edit is practical, opinionated and fun.


  • Hardcover ? : ? 176 pages
  • Dimensions ? : ? 18.29 x 2.41 x 23.11 cm