Your Love Stars

Yayınevi: Welbeck Publishing Group

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In Your Love Stars, Jane Struthers unlocks the secrets to improving your relationships - from romantic to family, friendships to work, and even with your pets - with the help of astrology.

Jane explains that understanding your astrological birth chart, which is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of your birth, will give insight into your own unique way of giving and receiving love. The book focuses on the zodiac signs occupied by the planets Venus and Mars when you were born, as they have the biggest influence on love and relationships. You don't have to be an expert astrologer to use Your Love Stars as Jane will guide you every step of the way. You can identify your own Venus and Mars signs with the help of a series of easy-to-follow tables and then you're ready to discover how you respond to relationships.

Your Love Stars will take you on a fascinating journey as you learn whether you're best suited to close and intense relationships, easy-going and freedom-loving connections, or something in between. The deeper you dive into your birth chart, the more you'll understand how you relate to others, and you'll be on your way to deeper, more fulfilling relationships in no time.


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