Vines in a Cold Climate

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'Henry Jeffreys, who used to work in the wine trade, is an amiable and entertaining guide to 'the English wine revolution'' - Daily Mail

'A fascinating and superbly told adventure' - Independent

'Entertaining . . . Perfect for the French wine bore in your life' - 
Daily Telegraph

'An invaluable guide' - Evening Standard

The definitive story of the extraordinary and surprising success of English wine - and the people who transformed our reputation on the global stage from that of a joke to world-class in 30 years.

From an amateur affair made by retirees to a multi-million-pound industry with quality to rival Champagne, the rise of English wine has been one of the more unexpected wine stories of the past 30 years. In this illuminating and accessible account, award-winning drinks writer Henry Jeffreys takes you behind the scenes of the English wine revolution. It's a story about changing climate and technology but most of all it's about men and women with vision, determination and more than a little bloody-mindedness. From secretive billionaires to the single mother farming a couple of hectares in Kent, these are the people making wine in a cold climate.
  • Hardcover ? : ? 304 pages
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