Revolutionary Things

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Material Culture and Politics in the Late Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

How objects associated with the American, French, and Haitian revolutions drew diverse people throughout the Atlantic world into debates over revolutionary ideals
“By excavating the power of material objects and visual images to express the fervor and fear of the revolutionary era, Ashli White brings us closer to more fully embodied, more fully human, figures.”-Richard Rabinowitz, author of Objects of Love and Regret: A Brooklyn Story
“In this important, innovative book, Ashli White moves nimbly between North America, Europe, and the Caribbean to capture the richness and complexity of material culture in the Age of Revolutions.”-Michael Kwass, Johns Hopkins University
Historian Ashli White explores the circulation of material culture during the American, French, and Haitian revolutions, arguing that in the late eighteenth century, radical ideals were contested through objects as well as in texts. She considers how revolutionary things, as they moved throughout the Atlantic, brought people into contact with these transformative political movements in visceral, multiple, and provocative ways.
Focusing on a range of objects-ceramics and furniture, garments and accessories, prints, maps, and public amusements-White shows how material culture held political meaning for diverse populations. Enslaved and free, women and men, poor and elite-all turned to things as a means to realize their varied and sometimes competing visions of revolutionary change.

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