Growing Up: Sex in the 1960s

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Were the 1960s really a great time of liberation and joyful experimentation? Growing Up takes an unflinching look at the dark underbelly of the sexual revolution.

No era in recent history has been both more celebrated and vilified than the 1960s. And at the heart of all that controversy - the music, drugs, fashion, hopes, dreams and political movements - is sex.

In this wide-ranging and eye-opening survey of the sexual landscape of the 1960s, Peter Doggett has assembled a dozen little-known stories that reveal how the sexual revolution transformed people's lives - for better or worse.

'An important reappraisal of a decade that changed us, for good and ill' Sunday Times

'Fascinating...shows rather conclusively that the sixties was not a sexual paradise' Evening Standard

'Creates an account of the 1960s that, unlike most popular histories, does not edit out the grim bits' 
Mail on Sunday


  • Paperback ? : ? 400 pages
  • Dimensions ? : ? 13 x 3.4 x 19.6 cm